Twitch Personal Trainers

A bit about the market

I think the eternal question of the computer science market is “how do we make this more accessible?” IBM answered with the Personal Computer in 1981, Netflix answered with a revolutionary streaming service, and [ANOTHER EXAMPLE].

Nowadays companies’ answers take the from of “How do I make this as free as possible?” YouTube, Fortnite, TikTok, all of the biggest things right now are free to use, and it’s not a coincidence that all of them are some of the biggest Social-Media sensations of recent memory.

Given the high barrier for entry for a Personal Training session, being upwards of £100, I think it is an area ripe for change. I’ve recently come up with an idea for a Twitch for Personal Trainers. Products that incorporate massive viewerships and exercise already exist, in the form of fitness programs on TV and something like the Peloton Bike, which admittedly gave me the idea for this product.


Personal trainers would give their sessions to a live, stream audience for ad revenue or via a paid subscription, and exercisers would drop into exercise streams. Exercisers would develop tendencies towards individual PT’s and they would start catering their workout schedules around their streaming times or vice versa.

A potential development •.•

Now the question is how do I carry this out? The way I see it there are two distinct sections of this project: the coding; and the marketing. The coding I believe would be relatively ‘straightforward.’ I only put straightforward in quotes because I do not yet have the requisite knowledge to build the website in any capacity, though I do believe I have the capacity to learn. The marketing, however, would be much more difficult.

In order to launch this project I would have to have a network of personal trainers ready to start producing content. However, after that I have a contact in the Tech Startup World, and I see a reasonable chance I can get this in front of someone important.

My Plan of attack

  • It may be useful to look around the landscape to see if anything exists already and see how I can kick its ass.
  • Look for common solutions for streaming platforms
  • Think of some UX’s maybe ask Emma

Fuck it, I’m not doing anything tonight.

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